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Tips and Tricks for Successful Digital Acquisitions

Many investors look for a magic formula that can help them with digital acquisitions. Unfortunately, such a thing does not exist and you need to approach each acquisition individually. On the bright side, the digital asset’s performance is easy to measure and some general acquisition rules do apply. Simply put, you are looking for a deal that offers value and a business that has a decent track record. Don’t forget to think ahead and consider how the online business would… Read More »Tips and Tricks for Successful Digital Acquisitions

How to start a blog in 2022

When I started blogging, I visited many blogs to gather perfect information on how to start a blog. Later I realized that writing a long and informative post on “How to Start A Blog” would help new bloggers. This guide starts from scratch and ends up at an advanced level on how to start and maintain a blog like a pro. This single post is enough for beginners to set up a perfect blog! To make this easy and simple… Read More »How to start a blog in 2022

7 Risks while Buying an Online Business

Taking risks is mandatory when it comes to business. Whether you are new to the business world or a businessman with years of experience, you will often find yourself in situations that demand some risk if you want to profit. That is the “good” kind of risk-taking. On the other hand, there are situations that you should avoid, were risking it all just isn’t worth it. If you still can’t distinguish those situations from the other ones, don’t worry. We… Read More »7 Risks while Buying an Online Business

Website Flipping Strategy

#1 – Fix and Flip The most common strategy of website flipping is Fix and Flip. This involves buying a website that needs simple improvements and then selling it for a nice profit. Like any other website purchase, the key is to buy it at a price that is much lower than market value and then sell it for a profit. To make this strategy effective, you need to know exactly what it will take to get the website in “sale-able”… Read More »Website Flipping Strategy

Website For Sale – Closing the Deal

If everything seems to “feel right” for both the buyer and seller and you see that this could be a possible transaction, there are just a few more steps you need to conduct before the deal is struck. These include the negotiation process, drafting a sales agreement, options for transacting funds, and finally, transferring the domain/website. Let’s take a closer look at each step in completing a successful transaction. Negotiating for SuccessThe first step in closing a deal is the… Read More »Website For Sale – Closing the Deal

Buying or Selling a Website? Auctions vs. Classified Marketplaces

Marketplace AuctionsSticking to your budget should be first and foremost. If you see a website you wish to bid on and it’s in your budget range, this may be a great way to jump into the exciting world of auctions. Before you place a bid, you want to avoid letting your emotions get the best of you. I understand if you’re excited about a certain site but in the end, you want to be sure little, if any, emotion is… Read More »Buying or Selling a Website? Auctions vs. Classified Marketplaces