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5 features that make your Website saleable

Selling good websites is a great way to raise major cash. However, many website sellers tend to wait too long before they get to sell their stuff, and some can’t even sell theirs at all. So before you start a website and hope to sell it in the future, let’s discuss the five most important signs that will show whether your site is already ripe for the picking or not.

  1. Transferability of Ownership: Before thinking about selling your site, ask yourself first if the site can be sold in the first place. Make sure that it is still viable even after it has changed hands. For example, a blog that relies too much on your identity (e.g. a popular celebrity blog), will go to dust as soon as you’re not around anymore.
  2. Steady Income Generation: Website buyers prefer sites that already earn money. Sites that earn decent advertising revenue, for example, are extremely popular in the market today. There are many other ways that your site can make money – affiliate sites and drop ship stores are just two other examples of websites that generate a steady income stream.
  3. Long Shelf Life: Your site should be about something that will remain relevant for years to come. Yes, it may be making money, but for how long? That is why websites that focus on very specific and fleeting topics are quite difficult to sell. For example, a big site about the iPhone 4 will probably lose a vast majority of its subscriber base as soon as the next Apple phone comes out.
  4. Impressive Analytics Data: Of course, buyers won’t simply take your word for it. You have to back up your site with reliable documentation via Google Analytics. This way, others can examine for themselves how your site is performing, whether it’s still growing or the other way around. Thus, it’s essential to use Google Analytics on your site right from the start. After all, the service is free to use.
  5. Trustworthy Site Development: You will have to show buyers that your site became what it is through clean, legal, and ethical methods. This gives them peace of mind, knowing that there isn’t anything fishy going on. For example, a site that’s advertised as having a high page rank (PR 4+) will not fetch buyers if it uses Black Hat SEO. Moreover, gambling and adult sites are also difficult to sell.

I’m all set! What’s next?

If your site offers a steady income stream, a long shelf life, extensive analytics documentation, and an uncontroversial nature, then it’s time to talk about how to package your site for sale. Set the auction to about a week long so you can give your buyers just enough time to think about it without delaying their decision-making or even forgetting the whole thing altogether. Moreover, you can set a low reservation fee to encourage them to bid: you can raise your minimum bid later on based on what you think your site deserves. Be honest with your description and patiently address buyer questions.

In your opinion, are there other things that should be considered before selling a site? Your ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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