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Blogging strategies: Shotgun to Rifle Blogging

Have you ever fired a shotgun before?  Even if you haven’t you are probably aware of the differences between a shotgun and a rifle.  While a rifle fires a single shot that can be accurate at long distances a shotgun fires multiple shots in a spray pattern that gets bigger as it travels further.  It is easy to compare this pattern to blogs as well.

Many bloggers, myself included, have “sprayed” content out from their blogs that imitate a shotgun pattern.  Having no clear focus or plan, the material being presented becomes somewhat broad and erratic.  While a shotgun approach can be effective for short-range goals (just like a real shotgun), it becomes less and less effective for long-range goals (also like a shotgun).

A shotgun approach can easily blast away at your short-term blogging goals, but long-range goals require something with more of a rifle-like precision.  The way to blog with accuracy is to have a clear blogging plan with goals.

What are your goals with blogging?  Are you after more traffic or higher rankings?  Are you looking to connect with people on a different level?

Whatever your goals are with blogging you have to have a clear and concise plan of attack.  If your goal is to bring about more exposure to your main site through your blog then you have to plot out the steps you want to take to achieve this.  Some of the steps you take may include keyword-targeted posts that provide relevant information, outbound links to your site, and possibly information on how your business compares with the alternatives.

Whatever your reasons for blogging, you will be able to target your goals a lot better if you use a rifle instead of a shotgun.  Keep your focus on your blogging goals and soon you will become a blogging marksman!

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