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Website Marketplaces – Where to buy established websites?

If you’re looking to buy a website, sell a website or want to learn more about site flipping, marketplaces are a great place to locate internet properties available.

For sellers, it’s a valuable resource considering you can find how other website owners are selling their websites and can be helpful for even determining the value of your virtual property.

For website buyers, the benefits are much more obvious since you’re able to browse a variety of internet sites that are packages and ready to be sold. If the seller is serious and has done their homework (similar to buyers), it can be fun locating an income-generating site that is already built and most likely, producing income.

Before we review the various marketplaces selling websites, it’s important to discuss the differences between a genuine established website and a turnkey website.

An established website is just that, an internet property that has established (proven) traffic. Not all websites with traffic generate income but the key is that the website has a track record of proven human eyeballs checking out the website. Not paid traffic such as pay-per-click but rather traffic coming from either other websites or search engines such as Google or Yahoo!

A turnkey website also referred to as a cookie-cutter website is a site that has none or very little traffic. For those who are good at internet marketing, this can be an ideal situation but most people that I’ve met are not up for the task. If you are, these can be fun challenging, and rewarding if you’re able to make the site a success.

One major issue with a turnkey site is that many designers will create multiple websites which all appear very similar, sometimes almost exact copies. If you decide a turnkey website is something you want to tackle be sure you ask questions such as similarity to other sites and how many sites the designer plan to sell in the future.

Established Websites For Sale: Visitor Reviews

  • Empire Flippers
  • Flippa
  • BlogsForSale

If you’re seeking to buy a site, sell your website for top dollar, or if you’re looking to learn how to flip a site, then the above website marketplaces are some of the most popular to visit. If you know of others we should add, please suggest a marketplace.

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