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Buying a website or blog in India [Step-by-Step for Beginners]

Buying and selling websites is a legitimate business, particularly in the West. Even though India is at the forefront of technology startups, it has lagged in turning website buying and selling into a legitimate business.  Most people aren’t even aware that websites can be bought and sold just like real estate properties, stocks, etc. Website buying and selling is a legitimate business opportunity, but it involves a lot of learning on the part of a prospective buyer because the Internet… Read More »Buying a website or blog in India [Step-by-Step for Beginners]

3 Powerful Tools to Help You Flip Websites

From the very beginning, established websites are the best investment targets for internet entrepreneurs. Since the beginning of the internet, people have been interested in website flipping. Recently, some small business owners have made some large unexpected profits just by the business called website flipping. So the big fishes are also becoming interested in this marketing strategy these days. Here you will learn about the most powerful strategies that can help you sell websites effectively. And you will learn about three strategies that… Read More »3 Powerful Tools to Help You Flip Websites

Website Flipping: All you need to know

What Is Website flipping? You may have developed an idea about website flipping by now since the two words on their own seem quite self-explanatory. Truth is: it’s almost as direct as it sounds aside from the fact that the flipping isn’t a real action similar to that of a pancake. Flipping websites is very comparable to flipping properties in real estate whereby you buy distressed properties, fix them, and then sell them at a profitable price.  And just like the real estate business,… Read More »Website Flipping: All you need to know

Website Flipping: Common Online Marketing Glitches

While most companies spend ample time and capital on their online marketing strategies, they may still fail to get an expected ROI. In fact, many companies experience no profit or even losses in due time; and even if more money is injected into the firm, it still does not guarantee an increase in sales. While the most popular stories would exhibit success, there are still a majority number of companies that experience bankruptcy. If these situations do not change over… Read More »Website Flipping: Common Online Marketing Glitches

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying an Online Business

Buying an established online business can be a lot easier than starting a new company from scratch. For one, most of the start-up kinks have likely been ironed out, and an already-existing supply chain means you can hit the ground running. Plus, an established business already has a customer base, and much of the digital marketing like SEO may already be in place. But what if you’ve overlooked a key factor in how the business operates? Have you done due… Read More »5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying an Online Business

Glossary of Digital Acquisitions

If you want to enter the world of digital acquisitions, you’ll want to make sure to come prepared. While negotiating the deal, you might come across terms you’re not quite familiar with. Digital acquisitions share many terms with the acquisitions of traditional businesses, but there are some critical differences to remember. If you want to know the basic terminology of buying an online company, here’s what you need to know. When Looking for a Company The first step in the… Read More »Glossary of Digital Acquisitions

The Path To Better Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing plays a significant role in almost every online business today and has certainly created many new millionaires over the last few years. However, there is a huge difference between great affiliate marketing and not-so-great affiliate marketing. It is easy to get into but your results will vary widely depending upon the strategies you employ and how much thought you put into it. There are two forms of affiliate marketing that you need to address when building a website. The first is… Read More »The Path To Better Affiliate Marketing