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Buying a website or blog in India [Step-by-Step for Beginners]

Buying and selling websites is a legitimate business, particularly in the West. Even though India is at the forefront of technology startups, it has lagged in turning website buying and selling into a legitimate business.  Most people aren’t even aware that websites can be bought and sold just like real estate properties, stocks, etc. Website buying and selling is a legitimate business opportunity, but it involves a lot of learning on the part of a prospective buyer because the Internet… Read More »Buying a website or blog in India [Step-by-Step for Beginners]

How Internet Marketing Forums Can Help You

Have you ever wondered how many forum sites are there in the online world? There are probably hundreds of really famous forums and a thousand more that are on their way to getting big attention from internet marketers in the next few months. This popularity is not that surprising because despite being a complicated job, running an internet forum is highly lucrative and helpful in establishing one’s presence on the internet when trying to flip websites. How does a forum earn… Read More »How Internet Marketing Forums Can Help You