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Buying a website or blog in India [Step-by-Step for Beginners]

Buying and selling websites is a legitimate business, particularly in the West. Even though India is at the forefront of technology startups, it has lagged in turning website buying and selling into a legitimate business.  Most people aren’t even aware that websites can be bought and sold just like real estate properties, stocks, etc. Website buying and selling is a legitimate business opportunity, but it involves a lot of learning on the part of a prospective buyer because the Internet… Read More »Buying a website or blog in India [Step-by-Step for Beginners]

Buying a Website? 12 Elements You Need to Investigate

Once you’ve located a website that you’re genuinely interested in, it will be time to take a closer look. Below are 12 specific elements you want to verify before you decide to purchase a website. While the following are not the only criteria, these are considered the more important factors. Be sure to also check out the third-party resources (listed below) to ensure you’re getting an honest deal. This, of course, will reduce your risk and ensure the Seller is… Read More »Buying a Website? 12 Elements You Need to Investigate

Buying a Website? Financial Considerations

Like with any investment, being prepared is paramount. Before you break out your credit card or checkbook, let’s look at some important issues when you consider buying an established website. – Establish a budget. Like anything where money is involved, you want to develop a budget to help you stay financially focused. This should not only include the amount you wish to spend on buying an established website but also any expenses for maintenance and improvements. – Don’t go overboard.… Read More »Buying a Website? Financial Considerations

Evaluating a Website Seller

In all candor, we would like to think everyone has a good heart and wants to be honorable when selling their website, unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. And sometimes an anxious buyer may be burning with excitement to make a deal but not realize that they may be getting themselves in over their head. Below are a few tips to help you evaluate a website seller. Consider using a marketplace where sellers are rated based on their past transactions. For… Read More »Evaluating a Website Seller

Using Search Engines to Locate Websites for Sale

Did you know that some website owners don’t employ the services of an online marketplace but instead advertise it on their website? When I first used the search phrase website for sale, Google returned 18.6 million listings. What that really told me was there were over 18 million websites that contained the words website, for, and sale. Obviously, those search results were too broad. Luckily all the major search engines allow you to narrow your search by using quotation marks.… Read More »Using Search Engines to Locate Websites for Sale

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

There is an ideal opportunity that you own a computer or any other piece of electronic equipment. There is also a great chance that you ran into some problems with these devices and called the manufacturer for technical support. There is a good chance that the technical support you called is located thousands of miles away from the company in another country. This is called outsourcing. Companies today are now considering outsourcing their jobs to other countries, such as the… Read More »Pros and Cons of Outsourcing