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Buying a website or blog in India [Step-by-Step for Beginners]

Buying and selling websites is a legitimate business, particularly in the West. Even though India is at the forefront of technology startups, it has lagged in turning website buying and selling into a legitimate business.  Most people aren’t even aware that websites can be bought and sold just like real estate properties, stocks, etc. Website buying and selling is a legitimate business opportunity, but it involves a lot of learning on the part of a prospective buyer because the Internet… Read More »Buying a website or blog in India [Step-by-Step for Beginners]

How Podcasts Can Boost Traffic When Website Flipping

It is true that website flipping is a great business idea and can help generate additional income. It can also be a full-time occupation for those that choose to travel in that direction. Website flipping is gaining in popularity and there’s plenty of room for growth. A key tool to growing and expanding a website flipping business is to attract more traffic to the website you are trying to flip. A large amount of traffic to your website can be easily converted… Read More »How Podcasts Can Boost Traffic When Website Flipping

Website Flipping: Last-Minute Checklist

Today, I’d like to talk about the last-minute checklist while website flipping in a marketplace. As a professional website flipper or an established website owner, you must have prepared your website for flipping. But I’ve seen many experts often skip a few important steps while they are presenting their site for website flipping auctions at the marketplaces. Here, I will discuss my checklist that can save you from a disaster while website flipping. The copyright issue Before you make your website visible… Read More »Website Flipping: Last-Minute Checklist

Website flipping: Business Plan and Marketing Strategy

Website flipping is a thriving business today. It is the process of buying a website that you think has the potential of being improved and then later selling it for a profit. The term “flipping” originally comes from the real estate business, where people would often buy properties, and after a little renovation work on it, sell them for huge profits. In these days of economic recession where most other media of investment is showing declining results, site flipping is… Read More »Website flipping: Business Plan and Marketing Strategy

Website Flipping: Monetization Methods

It may seem like website flipping and affiliate marketing naturally go hand in hand, but there are other ways for webmasters to make money. Before a website can be ‘flipped,’ the owner has to show that there is a way for the new owner to make money. Of course, affiliate marketing is the most popular and attractive form of monetization, mainly because it requires little effort. If you can insert an affiliate link onto your website and even make a handful of sales, it will be… Read More »Website Flipping: Monetization Methods

Increase Your Site’s Value with Blogging

Website flipping may sound like an exciting way to make money online. There are countless stories of individuals who made thousands of dollars by selling their websites successfully. Some people have become so adept at fixing up a site and monetizing it for profit that they can gain a return of 1,000% in just several months. But behind all the hype and excitement is a lot of hard work. In this article, we’ll explore how blogging increases the value of your website… Read More »Increase Your Site’s Value with Blogging

Blogging strategies: Shotgun to Rifle Blogging

Have you ever fired a shotgun before?  Even if you haven’t you are probably aware of the differences between a shotgun and a rifle.  While a rifle fires a single shot that can be accurate at long distances a shotgun fires multiple shots in a spray pattern that gets bigger as it travels further.  It is easy to compare this pattern to blogs as well. Many bloggers, myself included, have “sprayed” content out from their blogs that imitate a shotgun… Read More »Blogging strategies: Shotgun to Rifle Blogging