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Various Types of Established Websites You Can Buy

There’s no doubt that buying and selling established websites is red-hot. With so many different types of websites that a person can purchase, he’s a quick overview of various websites that one can buy.

Directories. A directory contains links to websites broken down into specific categories for easy reference. The more specialized a directory is the better chances for growth. Today’s directory software is simple to set up and offers plenty of features.

Unique Content Sites. These usually contain a series of articles about a specific topic. Google’s AdSense is the most popular revenue source for content sites because all you add is a snippet of code to your web pages and start collecting cash.

Blogs. Sometimes referred to as an online diary, a blog is a website, where you write on an ongoing basis about any topic. As long as they are not too personalized, blogs can be another type of website available. Don’t have time to maintain the blog? Hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Tutorials sites. Similar to a content site, tutorial sites contain how-to information related to a specific topic. These can be very popular, especially if you have quality content and are updated regularly.

Active forums. Forums allow a group of members to discuss various issues related to a topic. The key issue is a growing forum in both members and posts. Topics can be very specialized which can complement your existing portfolio of website properties.

Community sites. The most obvious is MySpace but there are thousands of smaller community sites where members share a common interest. Some community sites get tons of free traffic due to their viral nature.

Product sites. Some sites may only sell one product while others may sell thousands. Take into consideration if the website involves inventory or dropship. Popular sites are those which sell intangible products such as information or software.

Tool websites. Counters, graphics, video, and other interactive features are just some of the sites making things a little easier for those who maintain a webpage on a social network.

Proxy sites. With so many employers and schools blocking access to certain web pages, proxy sites let an internet surfer use your site to reach otherwise inaccessible websites. Proxy sites use plenty of bandwidth but can generate tremendous traffic.

Turnkey sites. These types are prebuilt or prepackaged websites that have very little or no traffic. They may be ideal for those who prefer to focus on internet marketing rather than building a website.

Types of websites you should avoid

Some of the websites like jokes or quotes websites, etc have high traffic but they are not monetizable i.e. it will be really hard for you to make money from such websites.

So these are the types of websites that you should avoid:

  • Free stuff website
  • A niche you don’t know about
  • Offline service providing websites

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