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Website Flipping: A website Buying & Selling business

You must be aware of flipping domain names i.e you buy a domain for a price and sell it for a higher one. It is kind of the same. You buy an already established website, make some changes to it, and when you see an opportunity you sell it for more than what you paid for. Of course, I have simplified the process quite a bit. But you get the gist of it.

Just like you can buy a house, do some maintenance work and sell it for a profit, you can do the same with websites. If you have never heard about website flipping, you may not be convinced. But this is a legitimate business and can be treated like one. If you can learn the technical skills to maintain a website, learn to do some SEO, and have good enough content creation skills. You too can do this.

It all begins with the search for a niche that does well on the Internet, developing a website around it and once this is successful, you can put it on sale. As we said before there are two ways to accomplish this:

Starting from scratch

One way to do this is to start from scratch, choosing a domain and creating a website related to this until it receives some good traffic to it from people interested in the subject.

This may take some time, as they first need to index the entire site to the search engines, and then you would benefit from them, ranking, and such. Your purpose should be to make a website that can be monetized. There are plenty of ways to do this but that is not the case with this post.

If you’d like to follow this approach, then you may want to take a look at our guide about creating a blog from scratch.

Buying a successful site

Instead of starting from scratch, you can take the other route as well. A route of buying a fully functional website. But there’s a catch in this method. You must have had earlier experience in building and maintaining a website. If you don’t have this, you’ll face problems every day and life won’t be easier.

But if you fulfill all the requirements outlined above, then this can be a fulfilling method because you won’t have to wait for a year or two.

Once you find a site that meets your expectations, you make a good offer to the owner. If the offer is good, then there is a good chance that he or she sells you the website, everything is a matter of the offer for the website.

Having completed the previous step and have the ability to take action and develop the site based on issues such as traffic and the potential that the site contains. After some time passes and your site is profitable, then you can sell it, which is the last part of website flipping.

You can find lots of places online that have rooms and areas for selling websites, one of the most popular are flipped, Warriorforum, and Digital point. In general, we can say that the room price is based on income and traffic that the site receives. You can earn up to thousands with a good website sale.

Once you’ve done that, must have learned a lot from the experience, and just be a matter of “reset and repeat!” There is no limit on the number of websites that can sell at any time, forgetting that you need a few months before you make your first sale as it is necessary to develop websites before they can sell. Once you master the procedure well, take on several projects at once, being able to sell a website or more each week.

A faster way to do this process could be to buy a website and try to sell it for a slightly higher price, there are lots of people willing to pay different amounts of money for a website, just because you got a specific deal doesn’t mean somebody else won’t go for a higher deal.

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