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Website Flipping Golden Rule: Keeping it Simple

Website flipping or the process of creating or buying a website, fixing it, then selling it for profit has been a common source of income for hundreds of online marketers all over the world. It is a strategy that has been going on for years with an idea similar to that of house flipping. So what is making website flipping a real hit among marketers? It’s lucrative and ultimately challenging!

There are several factors that affect the amount every flipped website is worth. These factors include the time spent developing it, optimizing the content, and getting traffic to the site. Depending on these, the amount you could sell it for ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars (it all just depends on how popular and lucrative your site is), and the time ranges from a few days to a few weeks, months, or years (it just depends on when YOU want to sell it).

When flipping websites, there are certain guidelines that you need to understand to make sure that your end product is effective and sellable. But for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on what most website flippers say as the Golden Rule of Website Flipping. That is, keeping it simple.

Flipping Websites and the Need to Keep it Simple

One of the most effective strategies in selling a flipped website is to keep it simple, concise, and precise. Although this may sound like a simple thing to do, for most people, it’s not. But a little research on how to make it simple will help exercise your skills on website flipping and thus, increase your chances of making money through it.

As a general rule, anything too much is never good. When flipping websites for profit, experts would say that simplicity is the key to making them more attention-grabbing. This is contrary to what most would probably believe – that a website with tons of color and can share more topics would get more responses from “investors” or prospects who would buy your website. In the online world, a simple website can receive a good amount of attention while a website whose design and concept are too complicated may look either absurd or overfed.

In website flipping, think of yourself as the buyer. Would you buy this website if you were in the buyer’s shoes?

Flipping Websites and Imagining Yourself as the Buyer

If you were to buy something, would you like it complicated? Or let’s qualify it this way, if you were to buy a website, would you like it complicated? Would you like your web readers to qualify your website as profound and unimaginable? You surely wouldn’t especially if you are thinking of it as a way to profit online. It is a general belief that people online have the narrowest attention span and thus, you’d like to get their attention the soonest possible time. As much as possible, what you want is to have them grab your message as quickly as possible and then let them decide whether they would like to stay more or not. When a flipping website, the straightforwardness of the website is a determining factor that your prospective buyers would care much to look at.

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