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Website Flipping: Why use Social Media?

Networking and marketing are two things that you can do on your own without paying someone to help you do them and doing things yourself to save money when site flipping should always be a top goal. But why social media? The easiest way to network and market the site you are flipping is through social media since there are so many people already out there searching for what you have to offer. By putting it out there and making it visible, they can find you and share your site with their friends, coworkers, and others who may be interested. Once the ball is rolling with social media networking and social media marketing, it tends to keep going without much more effort from you. It’s a snowball effect that can be quite useful if you know how to get it started.

But again, why social media? When flipping websites, social media networking will be your primary goal when working with social media. You need to find the groups of people who will benefit from your website before you can hope to see traffic from them. Once you locate a few people on sites like Facebook and Twitter that are interested in the topic of your website or the kind of website you have, you can usually find people they are associated with, so finding more people is easier. Again, this is a snowball effect that benefits you. Your next goal will be social media marketing. Once you’ve networked with the right people, you can market your site to them in all the right ways, getting them more interested in what your site has to offer whether it’s products, services, or just information. On sites such as Twitter, there are other ways to market a site without as much social media networking, but more on that later. Right now it’s time to get to the real answers to the question of “why social media when flipping websites for profit?”

Social Media Networking When Flipping Websites

This is where we get to the real reasons for why social media. Learning how to use social media to the network should be one of the first lessons when learning how to flip websites. When you flip websites, one of the fastest ways to increase the value of the site to make a profit when you sell it is to increase traffic. To let all the right people know about your site and all the great things going on with it, you first need to find yourself on social media networking. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn already have a lot of people networking with each other who are interested in the same topics or follow the same industries online. By finding just a few of these people, you can connect with the people they are connected with to network with even more people that have an interest in what you are trying to market to them. Only with social media can you get this snowball effect of networking, and it can pay off for you in the long run in the form of more traffic as well as in time and money saved compared to other networking solutions available when you flip websites.

Social Media Marketing When Flipping Websites

We’ve already talked about the benefits of social media networking when flipping websites for profit, but what about when it comes to marketing your website and the products, services, or information that it offers? Why social media for marketing? Once you have targeted your audience for your goal of flipping websites, it’s time to market that site. These are the three biggest social media marketing websites when site flipping:

On Facebook, you can link to the various pages of your site, with a search engine optimized description of the link that will help it show up in search ranks. Your connections on Facebook will see these links, as well as your various other posts about the site, and will click on them. If they see value in the site and think others will as well, they can share your site with their connections, which means your site reaches a bigger audience – always a great thing when site flipping!

Social media marketing on Twitter is even easier. Not only will the people that follow you see your posts and links about your site, but they can quickly comment, share, and re-Tweet your posts, sharing your site with others if they feel others will benefit. When you flip websites, it’s vital to reach as big an audience as possible. You can also use hashtags on Twitter, which are search terms that people use when searching on the micro-blogging site. Even if they don’t follow you, they can find your posts (and your site) easily if you add the right hashtags to your posts.

LinkedIn can be linked to your Twitter account so that all of your connections on LinkedIn see your Twitter posts. You can also make separate posts directly to LinkedIn that are tailored to your connections on the site. Since LinkedIn tends to be more formal and professional, you may want to keep Twitter and LinkedIn separate so that your posts and links have a different style that appeals to different people.

So, Why Social Media When Flipping Websites For Profit?

Social media websites allow you to network with others who are interested in the topic, industry, products, or services the site you are flipping offers very quickly, especially once you find the circles of people that have already done a lot of the social media networking for you by networking with each other. Once you have networked with people who would be interested in your site, social media marketing is much easier. You can use Facebook and Twitter to market outside of the social media website as well, which offers a larger audience. When you flip websites, networking and marketing are essential to higher traffic numbers that increase the value of your website and you can do both with investment only of your time by social media networking and social media marketing when flipping websites for profit.

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