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Where to Buy Sites When Flipping Websites for Profit

When you learned how to flip websites, you learned that you take an existing site and revamp it to make it more profitable and then you sell it, making a profit off of what you sell it for as well as whatever the site makes you while you own it. Flipping websites for profit can be very fun and very rewarding, but where do you start? You start by buying a website. But where do you buy a website that you are going to flip?

There are many places where you can buy websites, but the top three will be discussed here. Each has its unique benefits. After you read about them, try signing up for them to try each of them out. The best way to know where you feel most comfortable buying websites is to explore each site until you find one that fits you best, you know is reputable, and has great deals on websites so you can get to site flipping as soon as possible!


One of the most active website buying websites on the Internet is Flippa. At Flippa, you bid on websites in an auction-style setting that allows you to see what others are bidding on, what sites are going for, and how much time is left on sites so you can hurry up and get your bids in or let someone else take the deal. Learning how to flip websites has never been easier, as with Flippa you get free information on how to flip websites so that you can begin making a profit on your investments right from the start.

One of the best benefits of Flippa is the search feature. You can search for site flipping websites in any number of ways, including by how much revenue they have each month, the number of visitors they have each month, or the age of the website. You can even search the auctions that are ending the soonest, the ones that have just been listed, and the most active ones. Finding a great deal when flipping websites has never been easier.

Flippa will also give new members access to exclusive deals that will help them get started in the world of flipping websites. These deals include credits to sites like oDesk where you can purchase web content or you can even get free items from Flippa like eBooks, hosting, and search engine optimization tools. Check out Flippa and see if bidding on websites is how you want to go about making your site flipping profits!


EmpireFlippers is what I like the most out of all the marketplaces and website brokerages. The reason being all of the websites that are listed on EmpireFlippers are vetted. So you have much less chance of being scammed as compared to Flippa.

In recent years, Flippa has become notorious for scam websites. On the other hand, EmpireFlippers has earned a name for itself.


BuySellWebsite is rated as the number one visited marketplace for websites on the web according to a third-party site rank company, Alexa. They’ve gotten to be so popular because they offer great deals on great websites and buying through them is a breeze. They make it very easy to appraise your website to see how much your website is worth once it’s time to sell it, which can help once you get to that point of the site flipping process.

But flipping websites start with buying a website and you can do that very easily at BuySellWebsite. They have pages of listings for new sites or established sites that you can browse through whenever you’d like, or you can subscribe to their email list to have new listings emailed to you. Finding a website on BuySellWebsite is as simple as that!

To purchase the website, it’s a simple matter of contacting the person listed in the ad for the site and communicating with them about the details. Be sure to have a contract in place to cover all transactions and be sure that all aspects of the site are transferred over to your name to make the purchase go as smoothly as possible. BuySellWebsite is a great place to start looking when you are flipping websites for profit.

Website Broker

At Website Broker, those looking to purchase a site that will be used for site flipping can browse by website or domain all of the postings listed for sale on the site. Search results can be narrowed down to a specific search term or can be filtered to show only those results in certain categories. The results can then be ordered by price, monthly revenue, by when they were listed, or other factors. Website Broker makes it easy to find websites to purchase when your goal is flipping websites for profit.

Once you’ve found the website you’d like to purchase, you can then submit an offer to the owner of the website based on their asking price. You’ll need to communicate with the seller to arrange for the transfer of ownership of the site and the accepted payments, as Website Broker is only a marketplace. However, this marketplace is full of potential moneymaking websites that are just waiting for site flipping!

If you flip websites, or if you want to, then you need to learn the tricks of flipping websites for profit so that you earn on your investment. Flipping websites starts with purchasing the right website and you can do that through the right site designed for selling websites to those who want to invest in a website or those who want to make a profit site flipping. Any of these three websites can help point you to the right sites for you, and all can help you to start the purchasing process with a seller. Just be sure that you have arranged for the transfer of all ownerships, rights, and other things that may be involved in the site you are purchasing, be sure that you are covered by a buyer’s or seller’s agreement (maybe both!) and be sure that the person that you are dealing with as a seller is reputable. You can’t go wrong flipping websites if you keep your eyes out for great deals on websites that you can flip for profit. So get out there and start flipping websites for profit!

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