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Why Blogging is important in 2021?

Have you ever wondered about the importance of blogging, Yes! I am talking about the importance of blogging and writing blogs. Blog writing has been a famous thing to do and make money easily. Though there has been a rise in vlogging with the rise of platforms like YouTube, etc. Still, the importance of good old Blogging increases year by year. In the busy and struggle full lives of today’s human existence, we need to understand how much money can blogging make you earn.

why blogging is important

Each year the number of blog writers increases. In the USA alone, the number of bloggers has grown to around 30 million last year, and it keeps on increasing.

If you understood what is blogging? then you can understand how to achieve blog growth. Blog writing takes one thing from you and that is the passion for writing inside you. Blog writing becomes easy when you write about the things that you love. Let’s check some of the important and amazing facts about blogging:

  1. Every month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages.
  2. Around 77% of internet users are blog readers.
  3. Not only financial but also blogging helps you in improving your writing skills, research skills, time management, etc.

When you write blog posts you share your thoughts with people all over the world and your content helps others in many ways (depending on what you blog about).

What you can blog about?

Everything, literally you can start writing blogs about everything in the world, you just need to bring out your creativity and show others the knowledge you have. For blogging, the sky is the only limit! Nothing can stop you if you want to start blogging.

If you love doing something or have good knowledge about anything then you can start writing about it on your blogs.

If you love traveling then share your amazing travel stories.

If you love food share the famous food corners and mouth-watering food recipes with the world.

If you are good at some technology, just write about it and let others get knowledge out of them.

Start writing blogs as a hobby and if you stay consistent with your hobby then believe me! You can even make money out of it and that too is more than a full-time employee. But it takes a lot of hard work and you should be ready to put in some effort because these efforts are always worthy!

Importance of blogging

Modern technology and the crisis arising in the world have made the importance of blogging go high. When you are only left with the internet and a laptop, then the only source of earning remains the internet and not everything on the internet can make you earn money.

Blogging has become the modern way of growing your lifestyle not only financially but also mentally. Not only does it improve your acting skills but also it engages you to improve your passive skills.

Many out there are making living out of blog writing and many are building a luxurious lifestyle out of it. Even companies use blogs for growing their business as it is an important way to grow and scale their business. Blogging plays a vital role in everyone’s life be it a business or be it, normal internet users.

When you want to achieve high goals you need to work for your goals, and you need to understand the criticality of your goal achievement.

Blogging is a modern way to build your brand and once your brand starts growing and achieving some milestones then no other method can give you the financial independence then your brand can give you.

Money is not the only thing that should be the reason to start blogging but there are many things involved with blogging,

When you start writing blogs you have responsibility for what you are providing to your readers and you are the only one accountable for the content you are providing to the readers. It leaves a huge impression on a brand (that could be negative if you falsify the information).

Why should you start blogging

Growing in a world where technology is overcoming every sector of employment, it is going to be harder to sustain and we all know we work hard for becoming financially independent but can we all become financially independent if we just do our regular jobs?

No! no one knows when a new crisis happens to rise in the world leaving a huge pandemic behind that causes a huge impact on employment.

If you are educated enough to understand the matter that the coming generations are going to be dependent on Artificial Intelligence then you can get an idea of the loss of human needs in every job sector, so it is always wise to have something that you can rely on.

The internet is a never-ending technology that generates money for the people who know how to produce it. There are many ways of earning from the internet and blogging is a very good and effective way.

The number of blog writers is increasing rapidly every month and this is happening because early they are understanding the importance of blogging.

Always remeber Day 1 is always rewardfull instead of one day!

The rapid growth in the sector of blog writing is creating more competition and this will lead to work you more if you start late.

The world is changing and emerging technologies are bringing fear of losing human jobs. So it is always better to look for opportunities to overcome such fears.

Always love your work and start learning new things along. Initially, blogging can be something very new to you but gradually you will learn about it the effectiveness of blog writing. There are different ways of earning with your blog and once you start your journey of blog writing everything becomes so easy and all it needs is your hard work and consistency.

Even if you wish to start it for fun then there is nothing bad about making some money along with the fun of writing and creating something new that your friends or peers are not doing.

How you can start your blog writing journey?

If you are wondering how easily you could start your journey of blogging and start writing your first blog soon then I will guide you with the easiest methods to start your blog.

If you are a beginner in the world of blogging and would like to start for free I would suggest you start writing blogs on the blogger website because it is free, to know how to start writing your blogs there please read my blog “Start your blog for free“.

And if you know a little bit about blogging or already have some experience with blogging and now want to build your brand then here are some quick steps to follow:

The most effective and easy way would cost you around Rs. 125 per month is:

If I say you can choose to prebuild websites for your blog to look professional and the price is all included in the above-mentioned price, then you would like to start building it.

You can simply drag and drop the thing to edit your website and once your website starts looking the way you love it then you are ready to start your blog writing journey.


Wix is the platform I am talking about you can simply go to their website and register your account on it and start making your professional blog website. Follow the below stepwise guide to start making your website today!

  1. Click here to register your account for free. Once you have registered your account you will see the “My Sites” Dashboard where you can easily create a new website by clicking on create a new site

Once you click on “create new site” you will get an option to select about your new site and choose “blog” from the available options like this.

wix website options

After this select the “Edit a template” option to choose a prebuilt template to choose from.

create website with

And you will get some templates like this:

You can then easily pick the best suitable template for your website and start customizing it based on your needs and requirements. You will get a Wix editor once you start editing the website you just need to drag and drop things around and your website will get ready soon.

Once your website is ready click publish and name it anything, for now, you can change it later. And the website will appear in your dashboard, you can then open it by clicking on it and a site manager will open where you can manage everything about your website like this:

Click on the Blog section and click create a new blog on this screen:

And once you click to create a new post you will see this:

So here you can write your amazing blog posts and once you finish writing hit “publish” and it will be live on your website like this:

When readers will click they will see it like this…

Voila! it’s done!!

All you have to do now is to connect your website to a domain and to add it to your domain you need to buy a premium subscription for the domain for that you will need to pay around Rs. 125 per month. For that click on the “compare plans” button on your dashboard.

Once you click on it, you will see a page like this:

Just select the plan as per your need, 125 Rs. plan will be a good pick for starting.

and then do payment and all and post that your site is ready to connect to a domain of your own choice. Let’s check how to connect our site with the domain of our choice…

Again go to the dashboard and click on “connect to domain” above the site plan option.

You will see these options:

Click on buy new domain:

And search for your domain and click get it, it will redirect you to the payment page and fill in all the details but it will not charge you it will just ask for some information. And it’s done.

Your blog website is live now.

Whenever you wish to write blogs, just log in to your dashboard and select the blog section, and start creating blogs and start building your brand…

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