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Buying a Website? Financial Considerations

Like with any investment, being prepared is paramount. Before you break out your credit card or checkbook, let’s look at some important issues when you consider buying an established website.

– Establish a budget. Like anything where money is involved, you want to develop a budget to help you stay financially focused. This should not only include the amount you wish to spend on buying an established website but also any expenses for maintenance and improvements.

– Don’t go overboard. Just because you have a credit card with a zero balance and a $25,000 limit doesn’t mean you should use it all on your first transaction. In fact, if you’re new to buying and selling established websites, I would recommend you minimize your risk by only investing a percentage of your total budget until you are familiar with the process and learn from your experiences.

– Have an improvement plan. By having a plan of action to improve the website, you will be further ahead than one who buys a website based on a whim. A plan can help guide you to recouping your investment at a faster rate while increasing a site’s value.

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