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Effective Content Creation For Website Flipping

Content creation is one of the most important elements of building an effective website to build value and be sold. However, it is also one of the most cloudy and confusing parts of developing a website for many. So what do you need to know about creating content to create the most effective and valuable website possible?

Content Quality

One of the most frequent questions asked about content creation, especially when it comes to flipping websites is how good it needs to be. The Internet is now saturated with tips and tools for generating masses of inexpensive content to try and fool the search engines into giving your sites higher rankings and drawing in more traffic.

However, in addition to constant changes to algorithms by search giants like Google, to fight back against spam, your content speaks volumes about your websites as a whole, so it needs to be very good. Your numbers are important and are what will be given the most weight when it comes to buyers valuing your sites but your content plays a huge part in the perceived value and trust.

Good content shows that you are committed to creating something valuable. Poor content may raise questions about what else you are skimping on or if your stats can even be relied on. Plus if a new website owner has to completely redo the content on the site and refill it, it is going to be at a great cost to them.

Google Changes & Content Creation

As mentioned above Google is on a constant mission to thwart efforts to fool the search engine into giving good rankings to junk websites. We previously saw a crackdown on content farms by changes aimed at penalizing those with junk and recycled content, with more credit being given to those with original and unique content.

Building on this Google recently announced new changes to its formula which not only give more weight to quality content but to the freshest content as well. So great rankings and high traffic figures will increasingly depend on both the relevance, uniqueness and most up-to-date or recent content on a given topic.

Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is perhaps the most important element affecting results when it comes to content creation and should not be underestimated or rushed. Too many newbies often suffer from the misconception that just because a keyword or phrase has a ton of monthly search volume it is a good choice. Of course, search volume is important to generate high traffic numbers; but so is going after keywords with less competition and more commercial value, if you are after the highest return on investment and want your websites to generate income.

Lots of traffic can help attract advertisers and those looking for quality affiliate partners but website buyers want a website that will produce income and high-profit margins. The answer? Think more focused keywords which hone in on a niche and attract consumers who are ready to make a purchase.

So in summary, quality and targeting are important but don’t let this frighten you. There are plenty of great freelance writers out there who you can employ to assist with your content creation and the better content you publish the more value you will be creating, which in turn means higher profits.

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