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How to monetize your blog or website

Are you thinking to earn money using your website or blog? Are you thinking to monetize your blog or website, if yes! I will help you with all the important things to monetize your blog to earn money. Let’s get started…

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Monetizing a website to earn money out of it is what we all want, but do we have the right knowledge of how to do it? Today, in this blog I have shared with you some secrets to make money with your blog or website and that too genuinely so just get started 😉

What is monetization? How does it work?

Monetization is the method of making money using your website or blog to earn money, When you are getting good traffic of viewers on your website or blog then you can use several ways to earn money, and earning money out of your website or blog is known as Monetization.

There are many ways by which your website or blog can be monetized, so what are they?

Let’s discuss a few of them so that you can also use this information to monetize your website or blog.

The first one on the list is :

Google AdSense:

Now, if you don’t know what is Google AdSense then let me tell you, Adsense is a product of Google and it displays ads for different companies or products on your website. So, you are giving out some part or some place of your website or blog to run ads there, and AdSense in return will provide you money the rent to use that part of your website or blog.

Whenever your website visitors see the ads and if they click on that ad you will get earnings in return,

google adsense
Source: Google

This is the most common and easy way to earn money with your blog or website. Whenever you visit any website on the internet and you see any ads for different companies or any products for sale that means that website is using AdSense to earn money.

So, you can also use the same to earn money.

Now, for that, you need to apply for a Google AdSense account.

For applying you need to sign up on Google AdSense, once you sign up and created an account it will ask for the URL of your blog or website, and the AdSense team will check your website whether they will approve your request to monetize your website or reject it.

Mostly the chances are your request will be approved if you have used original content and created it yourself, the things to remember before applying for monetization on your website to avoid request rejection :

  • Don’t use someone else’s content, and never copy-paste the content of other people or other websites.
  • Adsense team looks for plagiarism to avoid stealing others’ content.
  • Put efforts into making your content so that it shows you are putting efforts into the content and it originally belongs to you.
  • Avoid using copyright images or videos on your website, always use free images or videos on your blog or website.
  • Have a good number of blog posts on your blog website and increase the content.
  • Have good traffic and unique viewers daily on your content, if your blog is not having good traffic then Adsense will reject your request.

Just remember these things and your request will be approved within a week. And then can easily display ads on your website and start earning money.

The second way on the list is :

Affiliate Links:

Affiliate links are the best ways to earn money using your blog or website if you want more earnings along with Google AdSense, you can earn pretty good by using affiliate links,

Before understanding affiliate links, you first need to understand affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the method by which we share links on our website or blog and these links redirect to the shopping of that product or service and when people open these links they will be redirected to the product’s website like amazon etc,

And when a successful purchase is made, you will get a commission based on the product or service sold.

affiliate marketing

It is a very great way to monetize your website or blog because it generates a lot of income if your website is getting enough traffic. All you need to do is register with some affiliate partner programs based on your content, if you do technical blogging or product reviews then you can go to the amazon affiliate marketing program and use the affiliate link of amazon products,

or if you do blogging on education then you can go to websites like Coursera, udemy, etc for affiliate partner program and can make a huge income.

Things to remember while doing affiliate marketing :

  • Always let your viewers know that you are doing affiliate marketing by displaying a disclaimer on your website as it will avoid any legal effects.
  • Don’t use too many affiliate ads on your website, your main focus should be on the content.
  • Use quality product links that pay you high but costs your customer low, so that they can easily buy them.
  • Never use an affiliate of something bad product or service, because your viewers trust you and it will impact your business.

Now, you’re all set to start affiliate marketing on your blog or your website.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are also very helpful when you think of making money online using your website or blog. Sponsored posts are the blog posts where you write a blog for a company or a brand to promote their sales and they pay you for that one blog post.

The price of a sponsored post can be anywhere between $5 – $5000, people are earning a lot from such sponsored posts but for that, you need to have a huge base of traffic.

You will be writing an article or a post for the companies which will pay you in return and it is not very hard to write a post and in return, you are also getting a lot of earnings.

Things to remember while you use this method:

  • Don’t write too many posts in favor of some company as it will show your blog as a paid PR agency which you should avoid anytime.
  • Do 3-4 sponsored posts per month if you write at least 10-12 blog posts a month.
  • Think before what you are writing and promoting that shouldn’t be illegal or useless for your audience, after all, your audience is your main focus more than anything.

If you use these methods genuinely then I bet you, you’re going to earn a lot. You all need to do is putting effort into making your blog impressive and to do that the very first thing to do is write more and more content that will attract viewers and you will build a traffic base for your website. That’s all I wish you the best, Happy reading 😉

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