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Importance of A/B testing in website flipping

Website flipping is a modern venture that entrepreneurs with an interest in this kind of online business may engage in. This process can be a part-time or full-time occupation for those interested. There are various methods of attracting large numbers of web visitors to the site once the web flipping process gets underway. If these methods have been applied successfully, the next important stage in site flipping is converting these web visitors into customers.

As expected, there will be large volumes of web traffic onto the website. Monitoring this traffic is important as it will enable the entrepreneur to take decisive steps especially in trying to get the visitors converted into paying customers. One of the best tests that can gauge the effectiveness of web traffic is the use of A/B testing. This is a test that provides visitors to a website with several versions of the website. Some statistical tools will be used to gauge the effectiveness of each of these variations. The tools will provide a more effective site, usually an option between the website and the B website about revenue generation capabilities.

This test can be easily adapted to the Flipping Websites process. It will be used to gauge the popularity of one of the sites, the A website version against the B version. When conducting this test, web traffic will be split between the two versions of the Websites. The traffic will be gauged against specific parameters such as sales and bounce rates. The website that performs the best will then be selected as the most appropriate Website flipping variation.

When crafting an A/B test for site flipping purposes, the parameters to be included must be seriously considered and will depend on exactly what information is being sought. This process may include parameters such as length of the registration process, privacy policy display, and such information. One essential determination being sought here is what factors keep web visitors from signing up. Certain parameters are normally tested when using the A/B test method. These include the effectiveness of the call to action, website layout and style, length of application or registration forms and the types of fields included, headline and product description, the images contained on the landing pages as well as those contained on the product pages. The content also matters, depending on the amount of text as well as the presentation of the text.

The results will provide great insights to the website flipping entrepreneur seeking to identify the best parameters, design, layouts, and images for their website. After deciding the most appropriate parameters to test using the A/B testing, the next step will be to create the test and choose the most suitable tool for the job. This will depend on personal preferences and expertise with web tools. Those more conversant with programming languages such as Java and HTML can choose Google Website Optimizer. Here, they can get to fiddle with the provisions of these programs. Those less conversant with these programs may opt for the Visual Website Optimizer instead.

Since the main purpose of conducting the A/B testing is to find the optimum parameters suitable for Flipping Websites purposes, it is important to observe a couple of rules so that the process is successful. The entrepreneur should not give up too soon on the test as they may give up just when on the brink of good results. They should also not run the test too long as the poor-performing ones could lose customers, conversions and sales. Conducting the A/B testing as part of Web Flipping is important as it provides site owners with important information that could lead to greater conversions, increased sales, and higher customer numbers.

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