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The Path To Better Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing plays a significant role in almost every online business today and has certainly created many new millionaires over the last few years. However, there is a huge difference between great affiliate marketing and not-so-great affiliate marketing. It is easy to get into but your results will vary widely depending upon the strategies you employ and how much thought you put into it.

There are two forms of affiliate marketing that you need to address when building a website. The first is seeking out affiliates to promote your own products or services. Finding affiliates really isn’t hard. There are thousands of other companies and website owners out there that will sign up to promote anything for a commission. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that they will produce. If you want to build your own profitable affiliate network you need to focus on attracting high-quality affiliate marketers who are experienced and already have established web assets. Plus know that the more tools, training, and marketing materials you provide them with the more effective they will be.

However, for those of you who are focused on website flipping, you will be mostly concerned with acting as an affiliate and monetizing your site by promoting the products and services of others. While it may not seem as important if you are planning on selling your website it is important to recognize that the quality of the affiliate products that you promote will be a direct reflection of the value of your site. If your visitors get burned by the businesses advertising on your site and who you are recommending they aren’t as likely to see you as a valuable resource in the future and come back or refer others.

Similarly when selecting affiliate products to promote you will want to weigh the benefits of easy commissions with low payouts versus higher-priced ticket items that offer bigger commissions. For example, simply running Google Ads on your website can result in lots of clicks but it is going to take a ton of them to bring in any significant amount of revenue. Compare this to selling high-end tech products or houses which can yield thousands of dollars in commissions per sale. Clearly having a structured mix may be the smartest strategy in order to maximize the potential of every single visitor. Remember that when putting your site up for sale buyers will be looking at both the conversion rates of visitors and the dollar amounts of income coming in.

On top of this note that how you promote your lineup of affiliate products can also have a big impact on both the attractiveness of your site and your conversion ratios. If you have done any web surfing yourself you know what turns Internet users on and what turns them off. Again, keep a good balance in your affiliate marketing between text, image, and banner ads as well as consider using your affiliate links in blog copy or reviews.

The bottom line here is that while paying attention to your numbers and statistics is critical and learning from the successes of others can save you a ton of resources in testing, a little common sense can go a long way when it comes to great affiliate marketing results and creating a valuable website.

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