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Website Flipping: Monetization Methods

It may seem like website flipping and affiliate marketing naturally go hand in hand, but there are other ways for webmasters to make money. Before a website can be ‘flipped,’ the owner has to show that there is a way for the new owner to make money. Of course, affiliate marketing is the most popular and attractive form of monetization, mainly because it requires little effort. If you can insert an affiliate link onto your website and even make a handful of sales, it will be much easier for you to gain the interest of potential buyers.

Then again, not all niches do best with affiliate marketing sales. Believe it or not, pay-per-click and even direct advertising still make up a large portion of the web market. Although most webmasters are not exactly thrilled with the profitability of Adsense, Kontera or Chitika nowadays, there is still limitless earning potential. With a new website, you have the benefit of starting with a clean slate. If you grow your website naturally by gaining the trust of your visitors, building a brand, and adding new content, you can turn your web property into a goldmine.

Information products

If you’ve attained authority in your niche then information products can be the best type of monetization method. The reason being you’ve to produce it once and then it will bring income for years to come. There is no shipping involved, no inventory to manage, etc.

Though, you’ll have to keep it updated but that is nothing compared to initial production.

Membership or SaaS product

Membership or SaaS (Software as a Service) is another great way to monetize a website. These type of websites, though, will be a huge time sink. The profit margins will be really high though.


If you’re good at doing something which you clearly are, if you’re running a successful website, chances are some of your website visitor may greatly benefit from your consultation. To do a thing properly and getting successful at it requires a lot of learning which you can share. In addition, you must be following a process to get ahead of the competition in your niche.

With consultation, you can start sharing your expertise, knowledge and the tested process that you follow. You may not think about the value of the process but trust me this is really valuable because you’ve refined it after a lot of work and it has shown results.

Selling own products (eCommerce)

You can run an eCommerce shop and sell products related to your niche. If you’re hesitant to do this, think about how much helpful your website will become to some people who may want to purchase a product.

Auto Advertising

Even if you have a professionally designed website with a decent amount of traffic each month, PPC advertising can be hit or miss. There are just some keywords that won’t make the average website master a lot of money, especially when they are not in the #1 search engine position. If you can find a niche that hasn’t already been capitalized on ad nauseam, PPC advertising can make your web properties very attractive.

Although some keywords may be more profitable than others, there are other factors to consider. Figuring out something as simple as the best place to insert your ads can make a huge difference in income. Ad blocks, ad placement, and even the types of advertisements that appear on your website will all impact your bottom line.

The fact of the matter is that pay-per-click ads are not suitable for all websites, let alone those that are going to be ‘flipped.’ You should research your niche to see how your competitors are monetizing their websites before you decide on whether or not to use PPC ads. Also, remember that PPC ads are easy to swap out, so if you do sell your website at a later date, the buyer will be able to start making money with minimal effort.

Direct Advertising

There are those in the web advertising market that believe that only well-established websites can get businesses to advertise directly. Although larger and more popular websites are often able to get direct advertisers without much effort, a novice can make money after only a few months. Again, you will need to consider your website’s niche. If you can cover a very specific market within a popular niche, queries about direct advertising will start to come your way.

Direct advertisers usually require prominent placement and the maximum amount of exposure to make a deal. You can have other advertisers on your website, but your direct advertisers will take precedence. Reaching out to companies that you feel would give your readers access to high-quality products or services is not frowned upon. In addition to building and developing websites, you will also need to learn how to negotiate if you won’t get into direct advertising.

Lead Generation

Lead generation business generates quality leads from the consented users and then relay it to the companies that provide required services. This is usually frowed upon but can be a legitimate monetization method if you give enough thoughts to privacy and needs of your users. You must adequately inform your users about the way in which you’ll use the information that you’ve collected.

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